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How Calcium Works in Canine Nutrition

Canine Nutrition: Dog With Bone

Calcium is a vital mineral for both humans and dogs. Although veterinarians are well aware of calcium’s role in bone growth and development, this mineral does far more for your dog aside from making his bones stronger. Happy Go Healthy explains the role of calcium in canine nutrition and why it’s crucial your dog receives enough of this mineral in his food.


Your dog needs the right amount of calcium every day to ensure proper bone density. Better bone density may prevent brittle bones and possibly breaks. Stronger bones lead to enhanced mobility, which is vital for your four-legged friend as he goes for daily walks, climbs stairs, and roams around the house or yard. Proper canine nutrition ensures your pup receives enough calcium in his food.

Blood Vessels

Calcium helps the blood coagulate, which is particularly important for forming blood clots. Your dog may get open wounds by scratching himself or from flea bites. Blood clots help your dog retain more of his blood. Clots also keep diseases out of your dog’s body. Canine nutrition with the proper amount of calcium serves as a natural defense against bacteria, parasites, and viruses.  

Nervous System

Calcium helps the nervous system function properly by allowing signals to travel more efficiently from the brain to nerve endings throughout your pup’s body. Your dog relies on quick reflexes and his senses to navigate his world. Calcium’s role in canine nutrition is vital to your dog’s everyday well-being as he goes through his daily routine. Calcium can make your dog’s hearing and sense of smell even better as he stays alert to his surroundings.

Cellular and Enzyme Functions

On a cellular level, calcium is a crucial part of enzyme production. Enzymes tell your pooch’s body what to do. Enzymes dependent on calcium are necessary for cellular membrane stability, bodily signaling, and cellular structure. Calcium in canine nutrition keeps your dog’s body working in top shape.  

Happy Go Healthy with Calcium for Canine Nutrition

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