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How Fleas and Ticks Affect Dog Health

Dog Health: Puppy Scratching

Fleas and ticks cause all kinds of problems for your dog. The most apparent difficulties are itching and scratching. Then you see little black bugs flitting around and jumping on your dog’s coat. Ticks may embed in your dog’s skin. These pests are more than just a nuisance. Happy Go Healthy examines what fleas and ticks do to dog health if left untreated.

Dog Health Complications from Fleas

Fleas bite your dog’s skin, which causes irritation. Your dog then scratches where that irritation occurs. If your dog scratches or bites enough where the fleas keep biting, your dog’s skin could turn red. Canines with an allergy to fleas may scratch even harder, which could lead to open sores and wounds. Bleeding could lead to infections and a host of other significant problems for dog health.

Flea infestations can lead to anemia, which is a blood disorder. If your dog accidentally ingests fleas, they might get tapeworms. Very small tapeworms live in fleas. Once inside your dog, these parasites grow and multiply. These dog health problems are important reasons why you should take care of fleas as soon as possible.

Dog Health Complications from Ticks

Ticks bite your dog and then start burrowing into your dog’s skin. Ticks start small, but they grow bigger as they swell with blood. You might notice ticks on your dog by feeling a lump on the skin. Upon further inspection, you might see a black or brown tick on the surface of your dog’s skin. These small parasites can have a significant effect on dog health.

Since ticks get their nutrition from blood, anemia is a prevalent disorder that happens with a tick infestation. Dogs may also suffer blood loss, skin irritation, and infection. Worse symptoms include Lyme disease, which could lead to swollen joints, loss of appetite, and fever. In rare cases, your dog may receive a lethal infection from ticks called cytauxzoonosis. Preventing ticks from taking hold in your dog is the best way to ward off these types of illnesses.

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