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Is It Possible to Give My Dog Too Many Supplements? - Part 1

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Can I Give My Dog Too Many Supplements? - Part 1

Many pet parents feel overwhelmed reading the ingredient labels on dog health supplements at the store, and it’s easy to spend hours scrolling through the different options for sale online. There are hundreds of choices out there, all targeting different aspects of your dog’s health. The benefits seem as endless as the product options, with super-vitamins and minerals that are proven to help maintain critical brain function, boost the immune system, and help lessen the pain associated with stiff and inflamed joints.

As a conscientious dog owner, you may be wondering: is it possible to give your dog too many supplements? How much is too much? Happy Go Healthy explains more in this 2-part blog series.

How Much is Too Much?

It’s only natural to think that if one supplement works, then two or three will help your dog that much more. While we all want our pets to be as healthy as possible, this mindset could actually harm your beloved pup. Most supplements contain fat-soluble vitamins and minerals — like vitamins A, D, & E — that don’t pass through the body as quickly as water-soluble vitamins — like vitamins B & C. This means that they are stored in the intestines and accumulate quickly, so ‘doubling up’ on these supplements can lead to serious sickness or toxicity in a few short weeks.

Just because a supplement contains fat-soluble vitamins, it doesn’t mean it’s not helping your pup. These vitamins are important dietary additions that add to your dog’s quality of life and truly make a difference. In this case, moderation is key.

Moving Forward

So, whether you’re feeding your pup a higher than recommended dosage or you’re mixing multiple supplements to cover all your bases, be wary of the side effects of taking too many at once. Moving forward, it’s best to stick to one or two main areas of health concern and feed your dog supplements with ingredients that don’t overlap. This way, your pup is not getting a higher-than-recommended dosage of any one vitamin.

Be sure to also follow the recommended dosage advised on the supplement’s container and adhere to weight and breed guidelines carefully. And as always, consult with your veterinarian on a diet plan that works best for your dog’s health.

Turn to a Quality Supplement with Happy Go Healthy

Here at Happy Go Healthy, we understand the need for a wholesome supplement that doesn’t involve messy powders or smelly oils. We saw there was a need for naturally-based, kibble-like supplements, and we jumped at the opportunity to help keep our furry friends happy and healthy. And it starts with our grain-free joint & skin supplement support. See how our supplement has helped dogs everywhere regain their health. Continue to part 2 of this blog series to discover the side effects of too many supplements and how to choose the right supplement for your furry companion.