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Three Tips for Keeping Older Dogs Healthy and Happy

Older dog with a toy

Tips for Keeping Older Dogs Healthy and Happy

As your dog gets older, they will require more and more attention, specifically when it comes to their health. As a dog owner, you want to keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible for their entire life and not only that, but you also want to extend their life as long as possible. To do that, you have to be proactive with your pups and keep up with their health needs. In today’s blog post, Happy Go Healthy will take a look at three tips for keeping older dogs healthy and happy.

Schedule Regular Veterinarian Visits

This is arguably the most important thing you can do to keep your dog healthy for the long-run. As your dog gets older, they will inevitably face health issues, whether that be obesity, joint pain, or even things as minor as fatigue and shedding. To keep your older dog healthy, you will need to schedule regular veterinarian visits so that your pup can be examined and treated for any ailments they might have.

The importance of veterinarian visits cannot be overstated because many ailments can be treated easily, even by you at home. However, veterinarian visits are the only way to diagnose diseases or problems that are not visible to you.

Keep Your Older Dog Active

Getting outside and exercising is just as important for dogs as it is for humans, and it delivers many of the same wellness benefits, such as cardiovascular, joint, and muscle health. It will also prevent other potential health issues like obesity. Exercising your older dog is easy as well, with a brisk walk around the block being enough for large breed dogs. Make sure to provide plenty of toys for your dog, even in his or her old age, as it will keep their brain stimulated and their body active.

Feed Your Dog the Right Food

Just like humans, dogs are only as healthy as the food they eat. And just like aging humans, the diet of an older dog will have a bigger impact on their overall health than it would have when they were younger. If you want to keep your dog healthy in the later years of his or her life, you will need to feed them the right food.

If your dog has heart or kidney problems, you might need a special diet that includes less sodium. If your dog struggles with obesity, you will need to better control their food intake or feed them different food. Most importantly, supplements like Happy Go Healthy’s Joint and Skin Support Supplement can go a long way to keeping your dog healthy.

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