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What Causes Joint Issues in Senior Dogs?

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Common Causes of Joint Stiffness and Inflammation in Older Dogs

The hardest part of bringing a dog into your life is watching them age. At some point in their life, all dog breeds will develop joint stiffness, pain or inflammation due to arthritis. If you’re starting to notice symptoms of arthritis in your furry friend, it’s important to stay educated on the root causes of their joint pain. Here are 3 common reasons why your senior dog may be experiencing joint issues.

Cartilage Wear and Tear

The older the dog, the more wear and tear their body has seen. This causes them to lose important cartilage surrounding their joints. Since cartilage does not regenerate like skin or blood cells, the absence of this protection causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in your pup’s hips, shoulders or paws.

Just because your best friend starts to slow down at playtime, it doesn’t mean they can’t still lead a happy and normal life. Shorter walks and a decrease in physically-intensive games may be necessary, but that just gives you more time for much-needed cuddles and pets. You can also integrate mentally-stimulating games into your daily routine, as an alternative to the decrease your dog may experience in their physical activities. These new routines will protect your dog’s physical, cognitive and emotional health, all while strengthening your bond together.

Bacteria and Disease

Unfortunately, a dog’s immune system will weaken over time. Because of this, bacteria have a better chance of making an impact on the health of your aging dog. This leaves them prone to developing harmful diseases and infections from elements in their everyday environment, like fleas, ticks, and other animals. Bacterial infections can cause swollen, stiff and inflamed joints, leading to potentially permanent disabilities.

To help protect your furry one, it’s best to adjust your senior dog’s diet to accommodate a weakening immune system with vitamin-rich kibble and supplements, like Happy Go Healthy’s Joint & Skin Supplement. Supplements like these include naturally-sourced ingredients, like DHA and EPA from fish oil, seaweed-derived calcium for bone and joint health, and prebiotic fiber for immune system support. By protecting your pup against unwanted bacteria and disease, you’re taking steps to ensure their happy life is much healthier.


If your dog is overweight, this places extra pressure and strain on your dog’s joints and ligaments. The added pounds require more strain in order to move. But your dog’s age and size don’t mean that you must eliminate all exercise. A healthy amount of low-impact exercise will improve flexibility in the joints, keep organs like the heart and lungs healthy, and maintain good muscle mass and tone. So take your pup for a swim, go on walks, and play lots of games together!

Help Relieve Joint Issues with Happy Go Healthy

Joint issues are a natural, unavoidable side effect of old age and arthritis. But there are some ways you can comfort your dog during this time. Aging dogs are best fed a high-protein low-calorie diet to promote lean muscle and a healthy body weight. For the cherry on top, their diet can also be enriched with wholesome supplements that are proven to support key health concerns in aging dogs.

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