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What to Do When Your Dog Starts Limping

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Your Dog Starts Limping - What Do You Do?

It’s the moment every puppy parent tries not to think about, the moment you realize your furry best friend is getting older. Unfortunately, there are side effects that come with age, and that includes wear and tear on the body.  Even if it doesn’t seem serious, a simple limp can indicate a much larger problem. Whether this is from muscle strains or a slip on the hardwood floor, steps should be taken to ensure this limp doesn’t develop into something much worse. If your dog suddenly develops a limp, here’s what you need to do.

First, Consult Your Vet

Limping is an outward sign that your dog is in distress, and your vet will help determine the source of the issue. He or she will examine your dog’s paws, legs, shoulders, and hips to determine the source of pain, so treatment can begin. It’s possible that there is no source of pain, and in this case, an x-ray may be necessary to rule out any bone distress or weak spots. Then, along with some anti-inflammatory medication, your vet will advise plenty of rest, a hot or cold compress, and very limited physical activity.

Happy Go Healthy Quick Tip: You must get your dog’s anti-inflammatory medication from your vet. Human-grade anti-inflammatories are harmful to dogs.

Next, Consider Supplements

As you work towards recovery, supplemental foods and vitamins can help your best friend feel like themselves again. While These supplements certainly won’t eliminate the limp, they can help relieve inflammation and stiffness, boost immune health, and help fight off unwanted health issues.

When searching for a suitable supplement, look for naturally-based ingredients like seaweed-derived calcium for bone strength and anti-inflammatory benefits, DPA & EHA extracted from fish oils for anti-inflammatory benefits, and prebiotic fibers to help boost immune health. These supplements are found in many forms, including pills, powders, oils, and tasty wholesome kibbles.

Then, Work to Increase Blood Flow

As you and your pup get some quality R&R, be sure to massage the affected area daily to increase blood circulation and jumpstart natural healing. Daily massages are a comforting way of reducing injury anxiety and stress. Your dog’s daily routine may be affected by limited physical activity, so your physical touch from a nice rub down helps increase oxygen flow, reduce anxiety, and improve muscle range of motion. It’s also a great way to bond with your pup!

Keep Your Dog Feeling Great with Happy Go Healthy

We hate to see our best friends in any sort of pain or discomfort, which is why we don’t think twice about taking the necessary steps to ensure their health and happiness. If your dog has recently developed a limp, the path to recovery will include a visit to the vet, special supplements, and daily massages for your furry friend.

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