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A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet.

That’s our whole philosophy.

Taking care of your furry loved one starts with what you put into the relationship: nourishment, love, promises to go for a walk, endless cuddles…the list goes on. This is a relationship built on care, trust and above all, love.

When it comes to keeping your pet healthy and happy, you don’t have to follow every trend to know what’s right. It all comes down to simple, well-researched nutrition and plenty of good exercise. The same things you need, really.

That’s why we created a multi-benefit nutritional supplement using research-backed ingredients to help support your dog’s overall health. We’re talking joints, skin, coat, brain, gut…the whole works. And it’s delicious. So, your pet can look forward to even tastier pebble every day with no extra mess, no smelly fish oil, and no hassle of mixing up different powders.

So what’s the payoff for your pet? Boundless enthusiasm. Unbridled affection. Willingness to fetch a ball again and again. The moments that make having a dog totally awesome.

We’re here to help make more of those moments. Today and for a whole lot of tomorrows.

Want to learn more about Happy Go Healthy's 15+ years expertise in pet nutrition? Keep reading!

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Decades in the Making

After three decades of supplying and manufacturing high-quality ingredients to the animal industry, we decided to invest our expertise into creating a health supplement specifically designed for dogs. We started off mixing ingredients for friends’ and families' pets and discovered we could deliver everything our dogs needed into a highly palatable pebble, eliminating the need for messy cleanup, stirring into food, and raw, smelly fish oil. It was a barking success.

The ingredients in this product are well researched with many peer-reviewed articles backing them up. Using proprietary technology and formulation, we created a protected fish oil-infused pebble to provide dogs with high levels of EPA and DHA, known to improve skin and coat conditions. We added seaweed-derived calcium, which has been shown through many peer-reviewed research studies to support reductions in inflammation from joints to gut to brain health, while also acting as a long-lasting antacid and supporting healthy bone growth. To top it off, we added a pre-biotic fiber to support healthy nutrient uptake and provide the gut with the fertilizer it needs to create healthy flora while eliminating unhealthy flora like e-coli and salmonella.

Altogether, it was a barking success. And this is just the beginning for Happy Go Healthy. We look to expand our product lines to help keep all animals healthy and happy.