Happy Go Healthy


“…like a puppy again.” - BEN

John, Cincinnati, OH

“Our dog, Ben, is an 11-year-old golden doodle.  Ben has osteoarthritis in his hind legs. Before starting the product, Ben had issues standing up from his laying position, getting into and out of the truck, walking up or down the stairs, and playing fetch like he used to.

After we were on the product for 20-30 days, we started to notice Ben was getting much more flexible. We have now been on the product for around a year, and Ben is like a puppy again.

He is able to run up and down the stairs, jump into the truck, stand up easily after laying down, and seems like a much happier dog. Happy Go Healthy helped turn Ben’s life around, and we couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend Happy Go Healthy for any joint and skin issues your dog may have. It is very easy to feed and Ben loves it!

“A marked improvement!” - Abby & Brandy

“All the benefits of raw fish in a kibble Harley loves.” - HARLEY

“Duke is shedding less, and he can go up the stairs again!” - DUKE

“…shedding has dramatically reduced!” - Cheyenne

“Her coat seems fuller and healthier.” - Bailey

“They run like pups again.” - Bella & Zoey

"...he is moving around much more easily..." - Bauer