Happy Go Healthy

Our supplement for healthier, happier dogs.

Happy Go Healthy Dog Supplement with Icelandic Marine Algae

Icelandic Marine

Happy Go Healthy Dog Supplements has DHA & EPA from Fish Oil

from Fish Oil

Happy Go Healthy Dog Supplement has Pre-Biotic Fiber


Shown to be more effective than glucosamine in reducing osteoarthritic pain.

Pre-biotic fiber for dogs with sensitive stomachs, which is shown to correct microflora imbalances.

Dry food topper supplement is easily stored and fed, plus dogs love it!

Lots of salmon fish oil for the best skin and coat, in addition to joint and brain health.

Made in the USA with Icelandic Marine algae for the highest concentration of minerals.

Dog supplement with no fillers, no preservatives and no artificial flavors.

Committed to using FDA and AAFCO recognized ingredients.

Happy Go Healthy Dog Supplement - image of bag and meal topper with measuring cup

Well-researched Science-backed Pet-loved

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