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Happy Go Healthy's Holistic Approach to Senior Dog Health

Happy Go Healthy Dog Supplements - Holistic Approach to Senior Dog Health

Happy Go Healthy's Holistic Approach to Senior Dog Health

Going holistic may sound like some trendy alternative lifestyle, but in reality, developing a holistic approach to life comes down to natural, well-researched, health-forward choices. This simple approach can ward off uncomfortable health issues down the road, like obesity, diabetes, and arthritis. And when it comes to your pet’s health, it only makes sense to apply the same lifestyle choices for your best friend!

Our Holistic Approach

Here at Happy Go Healthy, we believe that a holistic approach to your senior dog’s health starts with simple, well-researched nutrition. We want all dogs to be happy and healthy, and a holistic approach means doing what’s right for your beloved dog, and for you! It’s important to factor in lifestyle, budget, and beliefs to discover what works best for you and your pup, which is why our supplement is special.

It Starts with Food

Our joint and skin supplement supports senior dog joint, bone, skin, coat, and gut health, all wrapped up in a tasty wholesome kibble. Simple, science-backed ingredients like calcium, essential fish oils, and prebiotic fiber benefits dogs of all sizes and ages. And as your dog ages, these simple ingredients can greatly improve your senior dog’s quality of life. In just a few weeks, you’ll notice more energy for playtime, stamina on walks, and an endless need for pets and cuddles.

We Keep it Simple

Our holistic approach to the perfect senior dog supplement starts with simple, nutritional ingredients, but it doesn’t end there. We also believe this lifestyle approach should be hassle-free. Giving your pup a pill or powder supplement isn’t natural (and we’re pretty sure they’re onto us), which is why an easy, mess-free kibble supplement that your dog can eat alongside their food is as good as it gets.

Our supplement is straightforward. The number of scoops needed is determined by your dog’s weight and then added to their food bowl alongside their meal. No need to mix, stir, or hide — our supplements are a tasty addition to any doggy dinner.

Happy Go Healthy

It all started with a need for senior dog supplements that were easy to administer and well-researched. Our joint and skin supplements consist of three amazing elements that work together to make your senior dog feel the best they’ve felt in years. For more information on our supplement or more about our story, visit our website today. Or, order from us online and see the transformation for yourself!