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Brain Health is Important - And Here’s Why

Couple on walk with senior dog in woods

Why Your Dog’s Brain Health is Kind of a Big Deal

Dogs are amazing emotional support animals. After a long, stressful day, each crazy tail wag is an instant level up in happiness. You already know that your dog has the power to support your brain health by relieving your stress, anxiety and sadness, but did you know your best friend needs brain support as well? Here’s why your dog’s brain health is kind of a big deal, and how you can help repay their kindness.

Why is Brain Health So Important?

Like the rest of the body, a dog’s brain ages as well. Whether your dog is young or old, brain health is just as important as any other organ. Keeping it stimulated and healthy will help decrease lethargy, disorientation, anxiety and aggression while strengthening cognitive abilities like memory, personality and empathy.  Luckily, there are many ways you can help boost your best friend’s brain health, just like they’ve helped boost yours!

Start with Food

It’s important to consider brain health during every developmental stage of your dog’s life. Adult dogs need just as much stimulation as puppies! However, if you start to notice that your older dog is showing signs of mental decline, like forgetfulness, lethargy or uninterest, you can start with food.

Consider adding foods rich with antioxidants alongside their kibble. Dog-friendly fruits and vegetables full of vitamins C and E, like blueberries, carrots, and green beans are brain-positive treats high in helpful antioxidants.

Supplements are also a great way to ensure your friend is getting all the brain-boosting nutrients they need! Along with healthy and helpful vitamins and superfoods, supplements also include concentrated doses of essentials like seaweed-derived calcium, DHA from protected raw fish oil, and prebiotics. Happy Go Healthy’s Grain-Free Joint & Skin Support Supplement is a great place to start.

Couple playing with a senior dog in autumn leaves

Up the Playtime!

Another way to boost your dog’s brain health is with playtime. When dogs are silly and interactive, a surge of hormones and oxygen flows to their brains. One-on-one time not only makes your pup feel special and loved but also stimulates brain activity. Simple games like tug of war and fetch are quality bonding games for this purpose, but there are still ways you can boost their brain health while you’re away, too!

Complex toys that promote problem-solving like Kongs, puzzles, and hide and seek are perfect ways to keep your dog occupied during the day. They cater to your dog’s natural hunting skills and sense of smell. Simply hide a yummy treat around the house, in a shaggy rug, or in a Kong toy to keep your furry friend occupied.

Happy Go Healthy Supports Brain Health

There are many health benefits of owning a dog, but we can’t forget about the small ways we can keep our best friends happy and healthy each and every day. Brain health is often overlooked amidst the many components of caring for a dog, but it’s kind of a big deal! Happy Go Healthy is proud to support brain health using high levels of DHA from protected fish oil with every bite of our grain-free joint & skin supplement kibble. Click here for more details on how you can get your hands on a bag!