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Common Mistakes Made in Canine Nutrition

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Common Errors Made in Canine Nutrition

All pet owners want to be good pet owners, but sometimes it can be difficult to have the resources to be the pet owner you want to be. However, if you have a dog, it doesn’t take great resources or knowledge to improve their canine nutrition. Simple mistakes made by dog owners can have a big impact on the nutrition and health of their furry loved ones. In today’s blog post, Happy Go Healthy will take a look at some common mistakes made with canine nutrition.

  • 1. Unbalanced Diet

  • Most dog foods should have a statement of nutritional adequacy from the Association of American Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO. This statement confirms that the food is complete and balanced according to the AAFCO guidelines. If a dog food has this statement, it means it should provide your dog with a balanced diet. However, you need to look out for dog foods that do not have that statement.

    You also need to consider the age and size of your dog when considering canine nutrition. While certain foods might have AAFCO approval, they might be intended for large breed dogs and could lead to an unbalanced diet for smaller dogs and vice versa.

  • 2. Too Many Treats

  • We all love our dogs and when you love dogs, you love to give them treats. Your dog likely loves their treats, especially during training or exercise. However, giving your dog too many treats can lead to an unbalanced diet, specifically through added calories. Many vets will recommend that no more than 10% of your dog’s calorie count come from treats or foods that aren’t their main food. This means that you will need to keep track of your dog’s calories and know how many treats they can eat each day.

  • 3. Not Feeding With Health In Mind

  • Often times, the biggest enemy of canine nutrition is a lack of consideration. It’s easy for dog owners to just buy whatever dog food they see advertised on TV and not think twice about canine nutrition. It’s important to consider your dog’s health when you buy food, specifically when it comes to supplements and medicine. Supplements like Happy Go Healthy’s Joint and Skin Support Supplement can keep your dog healthy throughout their life.

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