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Dogs with Health Problems: Common Issues

Dogs with Health Problems: Common Issues

You want the best quality of life for your dog. You provide a warm bed, quality food, regular walks, toys, and lots of love and attention to your pup. Even if you give your dog the best possible life, he still may develop health issues at some point. Happy Go Healthy discusses common issues found in dogs with health problems.


Perhaps the most common issue for dogs with health problems stems from excessive itching and scratching. Your dog’s coat attracts fleas because the coat provides a warm bed and camouflage. These insects bite your dog’s skin to eat. Bites cause an itching sensation, and then your dog scratches. Too many fleas can lead to skin allergies from bacteria present in the fleas. A medicated shampoo, prescribed medication, special collars, and over-the-counter medications can help control fleas.

Ear Mites

Dogs have big ears, and they can hear very well. As such, ear mites like to take residence in your dog’s ears. Ear mites cause itching and scratching when they bite, and your dog can’t get rid of them on his own without medicine. Your vet may prescribe medication to get rid of ear mites and help dogs with health problems such as this. Regular cleaning of your dog’s ears may help prevent ear mites.

Dental Difficulties

Your dog needs healthy teeth to chew his food and chomp on his dog bone treats. Over time, your dog’s teeth may wear out or become painful. Like humans, regular teeth cleanings are a good idea. Your vet can show you how to clean your dog’s teeth properly, and certain foods can help clean your pup’s mouth without brushing. Dogs with health problems stemming from their teeth may need extra attention from a vet if the problem is severe enough.


General vomiting is normal in dogs, usually from something they ate. It’s normal because if your dog accidentally eats something that doesn’t agree with his stomach, vomiting is the way to take care of it. Persistent vomiting, or vomiting combined with other symptoms such as lethargy or lack of appetite, may indicate dogs with health problems. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior before and after vomiting to determine if you need to take your pooch to the vet.


Dogs with health problems may have tapeworms, intestinal worms, ringworms, or heartworms. These parasites can sap your dog’s energy by consuming some nutrients meant for your dog. Look for weight loss, a swollen belly, diarrhea, or a lack of energy as a sign of worms. You may also see worms in your dog’s stool. Your vet can prescribe medication for worms.

Help for Dogs with Health Problems

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