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Five Common Health Issues Affecting Older Dogs

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5 Common Health Issues Affecting Older Dogs

If you have an older dog, you want to keep them healthy for the long-run. However, keeping them healthy as they begin to age is a much more comprehensive process than it was when they were younger. In today’s blog post, Happy Go Healthy will take a look at five common health issues in older dogs.

  • 1. Arthritis

  • Joint pain is the most common ailment among older dogs, with most pups encountering arthritis at some point in their lives. For both humans and dogs, arthritis is a painful disease that is also degenerative in nature. Large dog breeds are more at risk than smaller dogs, but most dogs are likely to suffer from this condition.

  • 2. Dental Disease

  • Dental health is a complicated thing with dogs, more specifically with older dogs. While there are measures that can be taken to improve the dental health of older dogs, dental disease is always a possibility. Plaque and tartar can build up over the years, especially if a dog’s teeth are not properly cleaned over their life.

  • 3. Vision Failure

  • Another common ailment faced by nearly all older dogs is vision failure. If your dog seems more hesitant when he or she moves around, there is a good chance that they are struggling to see. Cataracts are very common in older dogs, characterized by loss of vision and white cloudiness in the pupils. Another common vision problem seen in dogs is nuclear sclerosis, which is evidenced by a bluish haze in the pupils.

  • 4. Heart Disease

  • As your dog gets older, you will need to take them to the veterinarian regularly because not all diseases or ailments have external signs or symptoms. One of those diseases is heart disease, which can only be diagnosed by a vet. If your dog seems to get tired more quickly than normal, coughs regularly, and has difficulty breathing, they might be suffering from heart disease. If your dog is diagnosed with heart disease, they can be given a prescription or special diet to treat the disease.

  • 5. Breed Issues

  • While most of the health issues in this post are very common among older dogs, there are a variety of issues that are breed specific. For example, miniature dachshunds have a higher risk of back injuries while bigger dogs are at a higher risk for arthritis.

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