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Great Reasons to Buy a Mess-Free Supplement You Might Not Think Of

Dog and Mess-Free Supplement

A mess-free supplement is a great way to give your dog extra nutrition. Not only are these kibble-based supplements easier to serve and handle, but they also make cleaning up easier. Your dog readily eats them in kibble form without any fussing, tricks, or gimmicks. In today’s blog, Happy Go Healthy talks about great reasons to buy a mess-free supplement that you might not think of. 


Just because you’re traveling with Fido or Fifi, it doesn’t mean you should stop giving your pup extra nutrition. A mess-free supplement is easier to pack, more convenient to serve in a food bowl, and better to take on the road. There are no liquids to spill, no bottles to pour, and no worries about maintaining the right temperature of a liquid-based supplement such as fish oil. 

Stores Better

You can store a mess-free supplement alongside your dog food, especially if it’s a kibble-based variety. You don’t have to keep track of a pill bottle with precise dosing. There are no liquids to keep in the refrigerator. Your children won’t mistake dog kibble with human vitamins because the bottles look similar. You can keep our mess-free supplements at room temperature alongside dog food.

Tastes Great

A mess-free supplement is often pre-mixed with dog kibble for a great-tasting addition to your dog’s diet. You don’t have to add a flavor that could contrast with your dog’s food, making it taste bad. For example, a fish oil mixed with dry kibble can create a slimy texture or fishy taste that your dog doesn’t like. 

Saves Time

Mess-free supplements save time in your day. All you do is scoop the correct dose of a supplement into your dog’s food bowl, mix it in with kibble, and you’re done. You don’t have to open bottles, spoon a precise dose, or squirt liquid onto food. Nor do you need to try to get your dog to swallow pills. Over the course of dozens of feedings per month, a kibble-based supplement can save you hours of time. Feel free to play with your pup during these extra spare moments!

Mess-Free Supplement from Happy Go Healthy

Happy Go Healthy’s mess-free supplement tastes excellent for your dog and doesn’t leave behind any oils or liquids. We combine omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA in fish oil with seaweed-derived calcium and prebiotic fiber to improve your dog’s mobility, digestion, and immunity. Call us today at (513) 655-5445 to find out more, or read testimonials from satisfied dog owners.