Happy Go Healthy

Backed by Science: A Joint & Skin Supplement That Truly Makes A Difference

Happy Go Healthy - Backed by Science: A Joint & Skin Supplement That Truly Makes A Difference

Backed by Science: A Joint & Skin Supplement That Truly Makes A Difference

How much thought have you given to the supplements you feed your pooch? Happy Go Healthy believes your dog’s diet is just as important as your own. For puppies and senior dogs alike, food can impact their health in so many ways. As your dog ages, you may think there isn’t much left to do to improve their health and energy, and that’s where you’re wrong! Happy Go Healthy’s joint & skin supplement truly benefits senior dogs, and here’s how.

Why Do I Need A Joint & Skin Supplement?

As dogs age, they may develop conditions such as osteoarthritis or arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of your dog’s joints which can cause stiffness and discomfort, preventing your furry one from enjoying playtime. This means that cartilage around your dog’s joints may deteriorate, causing weakness and pain in the legs.

With age, your dog may also experience skin problems, including pruritic skin disease or psoriasis. These conditions may cause unbearable itching, flaking, inflammation, or dry patches on the skin, which can affect their quality of daily life. We want your dog feeling the best it possibly can, that’s why Happy Go Healthy has designed a mess-free kibble supplement with key ingredients to improve your dog’s overall joint and skin health.

Ingredients That Make the Difference

We know that every ingredient makes a difference. That’s why every single nutrient in Happy Go Healthy’s kibble supplement is well-researched, science-backed, and pet-loved. Here’s what you can expect in every scoop of our supplement.

Seaweed-Derived Calcium

A silent super-mineral, calcium has come to the rescue of many old pups because of its anti-inflammatory properties and osteoarthritis symptom relief. The plant-based calcium is better absorbed by the body and contains natural bone and brain health minerals, like magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K. In our research, we’ve found that this has been most effective in promoting bone health.

Pre-biotic Fiber

Pre-biotic fiber supports healthy digestive and immune systems in dogs by activating beneficial bacteria in the gut. These are plant-based fibers that support probiotic activity, which helps to prevent disease, improve digestion, and absorb essential nutrients. These good bacteria support senior dog gut health, brain health, and joint & skin health.

DHA + EPA Extracted from Fish Oils

Fish oil is scientifically proven to reduce pain from rheumatoid arthritis, which is why it’s already found in so many great supplements on the market. Along with pain reduction, fish oil improves weight bearing for dogs with osteoarthritis, decreases symptoms caused by psoriasis, and reduces overall joint damage. How do we know this?

In our extensive research at Happy Go Healthy, we’ve found that an increase in omega-3 fatty acids improved playtime abilities and posture in just 6 weeks and offered major improvements in walking for dogs with osteoarthritis in just 12 weeks. After just a few weeks on our supplement, our dogs weren’t so itchy anymore! Discover the facts behind these results right here.

Happy Go Healthy

The supplements you feed your furry friend should be just as effective as the supplements you feed yourself. Filled with ingredients that truly make a difference, each scoop of Happy Go Healthy’s joint & skin supplement impacts your senior dog’s health in so many ways. From inflammation relief to better gut health, our pets have never been this happy and healthy. See for yourself how this product has already impacted so many great dogs, or browse our site and learn more about our story!