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How a Mess-Free Supplement Enhances Your Dog's Well-Being

Dog Eating Mess-Free Supplement

Many people love their dogs like members of the family. However, many people lack the time, effort, and technique required to get their dog to take his medicine. You can’t disguise that big pill in peanut butter. Your dog doesn’t like the taste of the supplement mixed into wet food. These difficulties are part of the reason why Happy Go Healthy developed a mess-free supplement your dog can easily eat with his regular kibble. Discover three main reasons why a mess-free supplement is the best choice for your dog when trying to improve the health of his joints, skin, and coat.

Easier to Ingest

Putting wild Alaskan salmon fish oil supplement into kibble form is much easier to ingest for several reasons. The consistency and texture of the dry kibble blends with your dog’s regular portions. He readily gobbles up the kibble without thinking twice. This kibble combines several healthy ingredients into one bite-sized nugget, making a comprehensive, mess-free supplement easier to take versus separate components. You don’t have to wonder if your pooch ate all of his supplements; his empty bowl will be all the proof you need!

Nothing to Clean Up

Liquid fish oil supplements and glucosamine powders can get out of hand quickly. Liquid supplements get all over your hands and coat your dog’s dry kibble. When your dog heartily dives into his food, he gets fish oil all around his snout and chin. When your dog licks his fur, he gets oil all over this coat, causing a rancid smell. Dry powders also create a mess, with the need to mix into the bowl with water to get your dog to eat. You routinely need to scrub and clean out the bowl and water dish from leftover powder, and your dog won’t receive the full dosage.

Tastes Great

Dry kibble tastes great as a mess-free supplement. Your pooch doesn’t have to worry about tummy troubles because of the fibers in the supplement help with absorption of nutrients while promoting healthy flora in his digestive system. There’s hardly any fish taste to mess up the flavor of your dog’s ordinary food in this kibble-based dietary supplement. A great taste means your dog eats the entire portion. Eating the whole portion lets your dog reap all of the health benefits from the supplement.

Happy Go Healthy

Happy Go Healthy is a convenient way to give your dog the health benefits of fish oil, seaweed-derived calcium, and prebiotic fibers. Our formula can improve your furry friend’s skin, coat, joint mobility, and digestion. Read what dog owners say about our dietary supplement.