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How Does Seaweed-derived Calcium Differ from Regular Calcium?

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Seaweed-Derived Calcium vs. The Other Guys: What’s the Difference?

For both humans and dogs, calcium is a challenging mineral for the body to make use of. It’s an important mineral that dogs need, but it is often overlooked. The calcium found in your dog's food, treats and supplements can come from many different sources. Today, Happy Go Healthy will explore the difference between seaweed-derived calcium and other animal-derived calcium sources.

Seaweed-Derived Calcium

Seaweed-derived calcium is plant-based and natural — not synthetic like some sources found in dog food and dog treats on the market today. Because it’s plant-based, your dog’s body can break down and absorb the benefits much easier.  In fact, the calcium found in this red marine algae is almost 100% bioavailable, so what you see on the label is what your dog will receive.

Seaweed-derived calcium is the only marine plant-based calcium supplement on the market today. It’s made of particles with honeycomb-like porosity, which makes this calcium source easier for absorption.

Other Calcium Options

By ‘alternative’ calcium sources, we mean bone meal, calcium carbonate, and ground egg shells, to name a few. You can also find alternative sources of calcium for your dogs in certain foods, like yogurt, cheese, beans, spinach, tuna and salmon.

Calcium is great for bone health, however, traditional calcium supplements may not be the best option for your pup. Breed, age, genetics, and your dog’s condition are all factors to consider when assessing how each calcium option will affect your dog’s health.

An additional benefit of seaweed-derived calcium is the anti-inflammatory effects seen throughout a myriad of studies from joint, gut to brain health.

Seaweed-Derived Calcium from Happy Go Healthy

No matter which calcium source you choose to feed your dog, it will certainly help to improve bone density, digestion and cognitive health. But it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option when making your decisions for your furry friend.

Happy Go Healthy only uses seaweed-derived calcium in their grain free joint & skin support supplements, along with other essential ingredients like prebiotics and DHA & EPA from fish oils. For more information on the many proven benefits of this tasty supplement, visit our website now and order your first bag today!