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How Petting Your Pooch Improves Dog Health

Petting Dog and Dog Health

Your dog is a vital part of your life. A pup brings joy and happiness to everyone in your household. You treat your pooch as another member of your family, only this one has four legs, lots of fur, and wags his tail when he’s happy. In today’s blog, Happy Go Healthy looks into how petting your pooch improves dog health.

Reduces Stress

Petting your dog reduces his stress. Consider when your dog is afraid during a loud thunderstorm, when they’re at the vet, or when he knows something is wrong in the house. A gentle pat on your pooch’s chest reassures him that everything is okay. Gentle petting of your dog can help ease his stress and improve dog health because petting your dog is your way to let him know that you’re there for him. Studies show that humans have lower blood pressure and reduced heart rate when they pet their dogs. Your dog receives the same health benefits.

Rewards Your Companion

Petting serves as a reward for your dog. We often tell our dogs, “Good boy!” or “Good girl!” and then give them a treat. However, petting your dog to go along with verbal praise makes a lesson stick. Humans have a similar thing happen when they have fun learning or associate a strong emotion with a teachable moment. Humans tend to remember things better when there’s an emotional connection to a learning experience. In the same way, petting your four-legged friend improves dog health.

Enhances the Bond Between You

Dogs are social creatures, just like humans. Dogs need to know they are a valued member of the pack, even if that pack includes bipedal humans. Petting your furry family member improves dog health because it makes them feel as if they are a valued member of the pack. Dogs need this social structure to survive and be happy. Petting makes them feel as if they belong in their social group.

Knowing Something Is Amiss

Petting your dog serves as a barometer for knowing whether your dog is okay. You might feel a sore or a lump on your dog when you pet him. You might also feel your dog quivering or shivering when you stroke his back. Petting can serve as a way to gauge what might be troubling your companion. You might feel as if a visit to the vet is in order. In this respect, petting can literally save your dog’s life when it comes to dog health if your vet finds something that requires medical attention.

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