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How to Help Your Dog Age with Grace

Beautiful golden retriever happy in mud and rain

We all get older, and it can be hard watching your once spry pup struggle to play like they used to. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help your pet age gracefully and be themselves for as long as possible. Today in the Happy Go Healthy blog, we’ll talk about minimizing the effects of aging on your dog.

Age Appropriate Toys

As your dog ages, pay close attention to the toys you give them. He or she may need softer toys, as their gums may become extra sensitive to harder materials. A healthy mix of soft and hard toys may be best. Or, if you switch to entirely soft toys you should provide your dog with a dental chew to keep up with their oral health.

Daily Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your dog feeling young and healthy. Daily walks with your pup will get their blood flowing, which helps with cardiovascular health. Daily exercise helps to keep their mind sharp, too. Of course, it will also keep their weight down, which is especially important for dogs with arthritis. Being at a healthy weight helps reduce arthritis pain because the less their legs have to carry, the easier the arthritis is to manage.

If your dog does have arthritis, you might consider some low-impact exercises, like swimming, to make exercising easier. Also, try massaging their legs on a regular basis to loosen their muscles and ease aches.


Your dog’s weight will impact his or her health down the line. The heavier he or she is, the tougher it will be on his or her joints as they age, and the more they won't want to exercise. Keep their weight down with the aforementioned exercise and a balanced diet.

Senior-Proof Your Home

Make it easier for your dog to get around. Place pet-friendly steps or ramps near the bed, couch, or anywhere they’re allowed to roam so they have easy access up and down.

If you have hardwood floors, place rugs in common areas your pup frequents, like beside the bed or couch. This way when they jump down, they don’t slip on the hardwood and injure their paws or shoulder. This is a much harder affliction to fix.

Help Your Pup Age Gracefully With Happy Go Healthy

As we said, a good diet is a big part of minimizing the effects of aging. Try feeding your pup Joint and Skin Support Supplement kibble from Happy Go Healthy. It has all the ingredients they need to improve joint, skin, and gut health. Order some today!