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Pre-Biotic Fiber: How Can It Improve My Dog’s Immune System?

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How Pre-Biotic Fiber Supports Your Older Dog’s Immune System

There are trillions of tiny microorganisms that live inside your dog’s gut, and they all work together to stimulate the growth and activity of healthy bacteria. When you feed your aging dog pre-biotic fiber, it feeds the healthy bacteria (probiotics) found in his gut. These bacteria start to thrive, which then help your pup feel happy and healthy. But how exactly does pre-biotic fiber affect your aging dog’s immune system?

Pre-biotics Boost Healthy Bacteria Growth

To start with, your dog’s gut has a large say in the function of other vital organs, like his brain, heart, skin, bowels, and liver. Since issues with the gut can lead to issues everywhere else, maintaining its health is essential to the health and happiness of your furry friend. When pre-biotics feed the probiotics within the gut, they strengthen helpful microbiomes that in turn strengthen and protect your dog’s immune system.

This means more walks, hikes, romps, and dog park visits without worrying about catching something. With healthier bacteria, your dog’s immune system can ward off unwanted viruses and pathogens.

Pre-biotics Protect Against Viruses

Dogs already have stronger immune systems than humans, but as they age they can become weakened. As microorganisms get stronger with the help of pre-biotics, so does your dog’s immune system. Pre-biotics help form protective barriers that fight harmful viruses and bacteria like parvovirus, distemper, E. coli, and salmonella. With this protective barrier, drugs, toxins, or allergens are likely to pass right through the body.

Pre-biotics Support Overall Health

Several factors contribute to health problems as your dog ages. From trouble digesting food to lack of energy to joint inflammation, pre-biotic fiber supports healthy bacteria growth that combats these issues. They help satiate hunger, absorb essential nutrients, and decrease uncomfortable inflammation. Most importantly, they can help your best friend feel the best he’s felt in months!

Happy Go Healthy

Pre-biotic fiber has been found in traditional dog food for centuries, but most people don’t know what it is until they need to. Its primary role is to feed the healthy bacteria within your dog’s gut, which then helps protect against harmful viruses and diseases. Sounds foolproof, right? That’s why Happy Go Healthy proudly includes pre-biotic fiber in our grain-free joint and skin support supplement for aging dogs. For more information on our product and how it provides an abundance of wholesome benefits for dogs of all kinds, visit Happy Go Healthy here!