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Springtime Tips to Reduce Shedding for Dogs

Reduce Shedding in Dogs

Spring weather brings longer days, rain showers, green grass, flowers, and shedding. It’s time for your dog to shed his winter coat as warm weather approaches, a process that happens naturally. Much like humans taking off their jackets when the weather turns warm, your dog rids itself of excess covering that kept him warm during the winter. Happy Go Healthy discusses some springtime tips to reduce shedding for your dog.

Start with Brushing

Start a daily brushing routine to reduce shedding. You will want to make sure to purchase a brush that is appropriate for your dog breed. Dogs with short and straight hair may need a different type of brush compared to dogs with long, curly, or thick hair. Your veterinarian can recommend the right kind of brush for your dog. If daily brushing is too much, consider brushing your dog once per week.

Think About a Haircut

Dogs have single or double coats. Larger dogs acclimated to colder weather, such as huskies, have double coats of fur. The secondary inner coat that sits next to the skin is what sheds in the spring and summer. Think about getting your dog a haircut as soon as the weather gets warm to reduce shedding.

There is one caveat to this. Your dog will still shed its second coat even after the haircut. However, these hairs will be shorter and easier to manage. Shorter pet hair reduces the wear and tear on your vacuum cleaner. More importantly, it reduces the irritation you feel when there are large amounts of dog hair on your floor, clothes, and furniture.

Bathe Sparingly

Bathing is one good way to manage springtime shedding, especially if your dog’s coat is matted or knotted. However, you should bathe your pup sparingly. Daily baths can dry out your dog’s skin and cause irritation. When your dog’s skin is irritated, he scratches more. Excessive scratching can lead to sores, bleeding, and infections. You may only need to bathe your dog once per month to reduce shedding. A bath can undoubtedly improve your dog’s coat, but there’s another, more effective way.

Feed Your Dog Nutrient-Dense Food

Nutrient-dense food also helps reduce shedding by making your dog’s coat shine. Internal nutrition plays a large part in the health of your dog’s hair. Adding a mess-free supplement containing omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from wild Alaskan salmon fish oil, such as Happy Go Healthy, can reduce shedding in springtime because your dog’s skin will be healthier and have less inflammation.

Choose Happy Go Healthy Dietary Supplement

Choose a dietary supplement for your dog rather than replacing his food with a nutrient-dense variety. Happy Go Healthy lets your dog enjoy his regular, dry kibble while delivering omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from wild Alaskan salmon fish oil, pre-biotic fibers, seaweed-derived calcium, and wild Alaskan salmon meal for better skin/coat, joint, and digestive system health. See what Happy Go Healthy can do for your dog!