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Ways to Help Reduce Excessive Shedding

Woman brushing a beautiful senior golden retriever

How Can I Help Reduce My Dog’s Excessive Shedding?

You may already know the difference between normal shedding, seasonal shedding, and excessive shedding. As the weather drops, your dog grows a thicker coat of fur that must be shed in the spring and summer. Beyond this, however, you may begin to notice excessive shedding that could be attributed to your dog’s age and health. Here’s how you can help reduce this shedding in healthy, natural ways. Brought to you by Happy Go Healthy!

What Can I Do?

Shedding is a natural process for dogs, but the amount and frequency of hair loss can tell you a lot about their health. If your dog’s coat is patchy, has lost its shine, or rough, this could be a sign of larger underlying issues. Excessive shedding can be directly related to a variety of factors, from serious bacterial infections to not-so-serious sunburns. Luckily, there are simple ways that you can help combat this issue, starting with special care to your dog’s diet, environment, and daily routines.

Consider Diet

A dog’s coat health is sometimes a direct result of the quality of their diet. Support your dog by feeding them digestible proteins and low caloric superfoods that will address their coat health head-on, like eggs, coconut oil, and sweet potatoes. Supplements full of essential vitamins and fish oils with high levels of EPA/DHA will also help strengthen, heal and moisturize their skin and hair follicles, which makes for a thicker, shinier coat.

Look for Environmental Factors

Consider elements in your dog’s environment that could be contributing to this hair loss. Bacteria, mold, and allergy-inducing surroundings can all contribute to declining coat health. Check both indoors and out for what could be affecting your dog’s shed cycle and make the appropriate adjustments.  

Social factors can also influence your best friend’s shedding. Personal anxiety, stress, and lack of socialization with other dogs are all internal struggles that can impact your dog’s outward appearance. Just because senior dogs have been around a while, doesn’t mean they don’t need the same socialization and comforts as younger pups. Start by leaving clothes that smell like you on their bed when you leave for the day or hide treats around the house to keep them occupied.

Check Your Daily Routines

Each dog is different, so different methods will work best for reducing the amount your dog sheds. Start with brushing your dog daily to tackle the fur head-on. Switch to an oatmeal shampoo at bath time, and feed them wholesome supplements that promote proper coat health with their meals. If you start small and add little changes here or there, you may find a process that works for you and your furry one!

It May Be Time for Happy Go Healthy Supplements

If you notice an unusual shed cycle with your dog, consider their diet, environment, and daily routines for an underlying cause. Through a slow process of elimination, you’ll be able to determine the source of excessive shedding. For senior dogs with this issue, it may be time to incorporate supplements to their daily meals.

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