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Why Healthy Coat and Skin Are Vital to Overall Dog Health

Why Healthy Coat and Skin Are Vital to Overall Dog Health

Your dog’s overall health is very important, and the health of your dog’s skin and coat is a vital part of their overall health. That’s why Happy Go Healthy offers excellent products that will protect the skin and coat of your furry friend. In today’s blog, we offer excellent advice to go with our excellent products, so you can ensure that your pup is happy and healthy, every day.

Environmental Protection

Your dog’s skin and coat protect him from external elements, such as burrs, thorns, dirt, chemicals, and the surrounding environment. Fur also helps prevent sunburn by keeping sunlight away from the skin. Nerves in the skin help your dog detect temperature changes, pressure, and pain. You can gauge overall dog health by looking at his coat and skin.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is essential for dog health, particularly if he spends a lot of time outdoors. A vibrant coat forms an insulating layer against cold temperatures, and it sheds in the springtime. Also, a fat layer beneath the outer layer of skin insulates your dog from temperature changes. For indoor dogs, this is less of an issue, but your furry friend still goes for walks in the outdoors in cold weather. Your pup’s skin and coat may be vital to survival in outdoor environments.


Dogs, like humans, drink water to stay hydrated. Humans lose water through their skin when they sweat. Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat to cool off and don’t normally lose water this way. When your dog loses too much water through his skin, your pet might develop more serious health problems, such as energy loss, fatigue, and metabolic difficulties. Healthy skin and water retention are vital for dog health, as water is necessary for all of his body’s cells.

Storage for Nutrients

As much as 35 percent of your dog’s daily protein intake goes into his skin. Omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid are stored in the skin to help protect against inflammation and make your dog’s skin more flexible. Minerals that regulate your dog’s immune system stay in the skin until his body needs them. The fatty layer of skin also stores vitamins A and E, both of which rejuvenate skin cells and help maintain health.  

Improve Overall Dog Health with Happy Go Healthy

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