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Why Your Pooch (And You!) Deserve A Mess-Free Supplement

Yellow lab eyeing food bowl happily

Why Your Pooch (And You!) Deserve A Mess-Free Supplement

Dogs are our partners in crime, our best friends, the cheese to our mac! You’d do anything you could to support their health and happiness. Unfortunately, most powders, pills, and liquid pet supplements on the market today are neither convenient nor user-friendly.

That’s why when we set out to create the perfect joint and skin support supplement, “mess-free” was at the top of our list. In addition to high-quality ingredients, our supplements look like kibble (and probably taste better!). Here’s how a mess-free joint and skin support supplement can change your life.

#1 They Are Convenient

Say goodbye to your lengthy morning supplement rituals! We know what’s in the peanut butter (and your dog knows too). Since our supplement is in kibble-form, trickery is no longer necessary. Simply add the recommended amount of Happy Go Healthy’s joint and skin supplement to your dog’s morning meal, and they’ll take care of the rest.

#2 They Are Easy to Use

Each scoop of Happy Go Healthy’s joint and skin supplement is measured to match your dog’s weight. Consult the back of the supplement bag for the recommended dosage, use the scoop provided, and add the supplement kibble to your dog’s food bowl alongside their meal. No mixing, stirring, or hiding required! Say goodbye to tasteless powders, smelly oils, or hard-to-swallow pills, and let Happy Go Healthy’s pet food supplement work its magic from the inside out.

Then, simply order your next bag online from our website here. We’ll get your pup’s supplements shipped out in no time.

#3 They Save Time

Because this mess-free supplement is convenient and easy to use, it saves you more time each day with your furry friend! With boundless energy and time to spare, you’ve both earned some extra minutes of playtime, a few more scratches, and a whole lotta licks.

Happy Go Healthy

You’ve worked hard to provide the best life for your partner in crime, and there is no reason his quality of life should diminish because of age. Our supplement helps support proper brain, gut, joint, and skin health in so many ways, and is formulated to look (and taste) like a tasty snack! So, embrace the moments you spend with your furry one and watch him become healthier and happier with each messy bite — sorry, we can’t help with that!